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The region of Pattaya is a location where amusement and adventure come together. Pattaya has open beaches, and a variety of dine choice, thrilling sports, astonishing attractions, high end shopping , and a comprehensively wild and renowned nightlife. without a doubt, Pattaya is truly chilling.

Located 150 km away from Bangkok, this beach city is an apex destination for many enjoying Thailand tour packages. In recent years, more tour groups and tour packages are heading to Pattaya's by virtue of its widespread leisure amenities.
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Pattaya has many tourist attractions to offer for a great Thailand tourism package. The attractions here include, offers other than just beach and night life. It offers various charming attractions and amusement for visitors and tourists to enjoy. Water sports can be found on all main beaches at reasonable prices. Amusing activities are found along most roads and streets. Perfect Thailand Tours at the Best Possible Prices
Thailand AutumnPattaya offer many picturesque attractions. A huge timber castle-like construction made from teakwood here is the largest teakwood construction in the world. A huge compilation of scale models of the world's greatest monuments is also seen at Mini Siam.

You will be astonished and delighted by the diversity of strange items on show at the world famous Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. In addition to beer-bars and go-go bars, Pattaya is also identified for lady boy club shows. Tiffany's is the worlds top running lady boy show.

Our Thailand tour package will have special features that offer you perfect tour in Pattaya offering you a complete tour package that covers all important aspects of the region. To enjoy Pattaya tour through our Thailand tour package please fill in the form below.

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